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It was a beautiful day in the forest. The sun shined down through the mighty oak and pine trees. The grass was green and a majestic deer feasts upon it. His brown fur reflected off of the perfect water of the pond. He looks up from his eating and stares into the pond reflecting his image of boredom. "Another day of nothing...unless some of my loyal wolfs decided to show up" The deer sighed.
Fortunately for him two wolves are hunting nearby. In deed they are hunting for a deer and fortunately for them they finally spot deer.  But the most important question remains as they approach the deer? Is it Deer they are looking for as not as not every deer can offer what they are seeking?

After inspecting the deer for some time, one of them finally recognize it’s the deer they are looking for.  SO they approach the deer.
The deer looks up across his pond and lays his shining emerald eyes on the pair of wolves who have approached him. They began to shimmer with a mix of lust and a renewed sense of vigor. "Well, well, well, if it is not another one of my loyal wolves." The deer replied with a slow lick of his lips. He looks at the wolf on the right and chuckles softly.
The wolf' on the right sight's name is Rey, he’s the one loyal to the deer, for obvious reason, the deer has been swallowing him as snack on regular bases for past 3 years. The one the left is known by the name of Jake. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t know what’s like. Rey has told him great deal about it in the past but Jake had always shrugged it off as nothing. Maybe Jake did want to believe him or maybe Jake didn’t want to admit that he was curious of knowing what Rey was going through when he went on these hunting trips. But the curiosity had finally got better of him and he had agreed to join Rey next time round on his hunting trips.

Far as Rey was concerned he was pretty pleased that Jake had finally agreed to come with him. Knowing Jake he turns his head to his friend and say "As you know Jake I have told you it’s fun hunting buts feels nothing like becoming the one that’s being hunted. “

The sound of these words in Jake’s ears sound like fine music, but his logical sense somehow manage to act like he’s confused regarding the odd statement from his friend. "So he ask what do you mean by being hunted"? Rey looks at him for few minutes then respond “Jake as I have told you all great Wolfes can only prove their worth by willingly allowing a deer like Bambi to turn them into prey.”

The deer chuckles as he sees Ray smile. "I see you brought a new friend along to experience the same blessings of which I have been giving you over and over, hm?" the deer teases. “He is right Jake and you know it that’s why you are here." the deer starts as he rises to all fours. He stretches out slowly eyeing his new meal. "Just think of it Jake." The deer starts off slowly as he approaches. "A mighty wolf bound by the laws of the pack forced to be a great hunter... But what if you were to just relieve of that narrative and see what it feels like... to be a prey?" The deer asks as he is right in front of the two of them. "You can call me Bambi" The deer says in friendly manner as he looks at Jake. "Ray here has proven to himself over and over it’s a wonderful feeling. And he is still needing to be proven worthy." The deer declares as he gesture to Rey to get on his knees, by putting an arm on his shoulders.
As Rey guided onto his knees by the deer he cannot help but look up at Bambi muzzle the exact same muzzle and lips he has vanished between so many times. He know the deer's right but he looks at his friend again and says “ You heard him Jake, he’s going to swallow me, and when he’s done with me you will want to become one of his loyal preys as well. Why? Because as fun as it is being the hunter, being the prey is much more fun”.  Jake couldn’t believe his ears, when he heard the serious tone in his friend’s voice. He had of course up to this point thought Ray had been making these things up to get him to come along.
"So you are telling me that you are going to let this Deer swallow whole and alive, you are suggesting I do likewise when he’s done with you? that sounds impossible." Says Jake, he looks back towards the deer, who doesn’t seems much bigger than them. As he does so. Rey reply “Yes I’m”.
The deer chuckles as again as he hears the exchange of words between the two wolves. He takes his hoof and forces Jake to face his muzzle. "Yes, this is the way to know what being hunted is. What it means to become...” The Deer pauses to lick Jake's black snout leaving behind a glob of saliva from his rough tongue. "..Prey" He finishes with a mall acing grin.  Then he turns his attention to Rey and does likewise "Watch carefully Jake. Witness your friend, your fellow hunter! Become nothing more than a joyful meal for a deer." The deer declares with a booming voice. The forest falls silent as the trees themselves appear to watch the spectacle unfold before them. The deer's muzzle opens up like a curtain before a show. The massive maw reveals the strands of drool glistening in the sun. The warm breath wafted over the wolf as the massive tongue pokes out slightly brushing over the wolf snout and teasingly lick his closed muzzle. "Relax, and enjoy." The deer tease as he suckles on Ray's muzzle.
Jake feels arousal build up inside him as he watch Bambi licking Rey’s black snout in front of him. Unsurprisingly Rey enjoys the attention the deer is given him. As familiar warmth of Bambi’s saliva is left on his face. All Rey can do is looking into the cavern that’s Bambi’s all-consuming mouth, he relax as he in hail the intoxicating breath. Then his own arousal start to build up with him when the deer continues licking against his face.

The deer continues his teasingly slow feast of his willing meal. His flesh began to clench around the wolf muzzle as it was dragged into his maw by the tongue in a rough textured embrace. He as the taste of a "natural" predator's flesh enters into his eager throat he loves how feeling it gliding into his mouth and feeling it against the smooth surface of his large massive tongue. By this point the wolf was up to his neck while his snout poked into the walls of hot, clenching, tight flesh as it drags him in further. The deer hooves grab Rey under his arms and lifts him off the ground to begin devouring the reasonable wolf.
] Rey can only watch as the deer slide out his large tongue under his chin and down his neck and drags his muzzle and head into its greedy muzzle. Soon enough his whole head's inside deer's muzzle.  The large long tongue of the herbivore never case to amaze him they are so talented. As he feels deer’s lips envelop around his neck as his whole head’s now inside the deer, he concludes that only senseless wolfs would refuse the change of becoming meal for such a mighty deer.

Jake should probably felt something else but strangely it felt so right seeing your friend a fellow wolf with his whole head inside deer’s muzzle far as he was concerned.  As he continue to watch the spectacle he feels his own cock become rock hard at the sight.

The deer raises Ray further up and takes him up to his shoulders slathering them and lubricating them further for his inevitable decent. The entire time the deer looks at Jake making sure to give him a show of what he could get to experience. He quickly notice that Jake is enjoying He nibbles on the chest of the wolf. He continues to ingest the wolf forcing him up to his chest making sure to lick more of him and begins to force the wolf into his throat. The throat continues to squeeze and release the wolf as he is slowly dragged into the slimy passage.
Ray feels more of him being crapped into deer's muzzle, he's clearly enjoying the sensation, the familiar tightness of Deer's throat is all over him, he feels his lubricated shoulders and chest enter deer's muzzle.
Jake can only watch jealously as Rey get enjoy the pleasures the deer’s massive tongue is given him. It slowly dawns up on Jake that he wants so badly to belong to that Deer like Rey.
The deer smiles as he looks to Jake and notice the jealousy that’s building up within Jake.  Because of this the deer decides to speed up the process as he takes one large gulp after another. It was like swallowing a fuzzy noodle. The tongue became invasive and slathered his groin teasing the prey, then speeding up showing Jake the pleasures he could get to enjoy if he wanted to become is as well. In few minute Rey climaxed inside his mouth and Deer managed to ensure that not a single drop of wolf cum would be wasted. When he felt Rey had become limp inside him he swallowed wolfs hips down leaving only the legs outside of his slobbering maw and continues to lick over them. Rey's snout was approaching his first stomach and pushing against the fleshy ring in the darkness of his digestive system.
Rey feels his chest sink into the deer’s greedy muzzle as he notice the deer has speed up the progress of consuming him. Rey’s not particularly upset with these turns of events when he feels the massive Deer’s tongue against his his groin, then at his hard throbbing cock. It doesn’t take long for the deer to explore his cock as much as Rey try’s to resist the onslaught of Deer’s massive lounge its provides to be to much and he climax heavily. With that he goes limp hallway inside the greedy deer’s muzzle. He hears sucking sound all around him as he feels only his lower legs sticking out deer’s greedy muzzle. He feels his snout approaching the deer's first stomach and is pushed into the fleshy ring in the darkness of the deer's digestive system, which has accommodated him so many times.

Jake continues to watch sensual show that continues to unfold in front of his own eyes. Truth to be told it has been more exciting and awesome than he had expected, and deep down he starts to wonders if he was in Rays place given how much Ray's enjoying this and he was going to confess both of those things to the deer.
The deer could feel the building excitement within Ray as he poked into the stomach. The wolf would find the sounds of digestion not far off as the stomach ring opens up to greedily deposit him in the fleshy sac and dump him inside without a second thought. Without another thought, the deer slurped up the wolf paws letting that long massive tongue make a last show for Jake. And with a last, loud, sexy gulp... he was gone. "Hehehe, you see the thrill of the hunt first hand wolf, no more second hand telling, but that’s not the same thing as experience it for yourself. He tells Jake as he approaches him.
Ray feels deer’s massive tongue glide down his hind legs, and then he feels his legs being slurped up like noodles. While this goes on his head, neck, shoulders, upper legs, stomach, midsection enter the familiar fleshy shack that’s deer’s belly. But when his feet and toes are completely inside deer’s mouth he can hear the deer take the final swallow and his toes slurped up by that massive tongue and they along with his hind legs travel down deer's throat and into his belly and Rey curl up in fetal position inside the deer.
Jake watch the expectation as Deer’s large tongue glide out of its muzzle and travel down his friends legs to guide them into the greedy muzzle. When they are inside the deer gives Jakes final glimpse of Rey’s toes inside his mouth before he takes the final swallow. When the deer has cleared his throat. He just gives Jake little preview of his big empty mouth. Then the deer glide his massive tongue out of its mouth sending clear signal to Jake that he could get to experience what his friend gone through with if he so pleased. This send shivers down Jake’s spine who was unable to hide his own admiration of the deer that has just swallowed his best friend fellow wolf in front of his own eyes.
Wolfing down the wolfs p1
I suspect you know what will happen in this story. Based on RP I did on another site long ago. unlike the RP I tried to lighten the mood and remove some of he overly dark tone that was in the RP. 

Do you hate -

Homosexuals, or bisexual by any means peraps you don't even like pansexuals or zoosexuals for that matter?

You might even dislike and discriminate aganst deluded pepole indentity proplem/self-image included but not limited to transgender/transexuals, but also various other mental disorder. 

Pepole into some seriously bizzare fetish such as scat, beastiality etc?

I have no problem seeing you around, as you might have read upon those things and come to your own logical conclusion. Feel free to watch me or talk to me for that matter I wouldn't mind getting to know more how you are thinking. 

If you like vore then your are completly sane specially if you can reconize a fantasy from reality.  Feel free to judge other people of the bizzare/disgusting thing they are into all you like. 

But in all honesty many of these topics are not based on solid logic, but on the exact same unsound and unlogical arguments as religion the exact same arguments religion use to comdenm them. But have never wondered why so many pastors etc are/were caught up in pedophila? Thats because they are full of shit aka hypocrites. If you condemn homosexuality and your condemn homosexualityes based on religion you are hypocrite and I would have no problem calling you out on that but if you dislike homosexuals based on your own observation and conclusion I don't see much problem with your line of thinking. 

But with that said its important to rember there is no I in team but there is I in independence, individuality and integrity.  Thus its most important thing I want you to is to come to your own conclusion based on your individuality, indpendance and integrity. 


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