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Do you hate -

Homosexuals, or bisexual by any means peraps you don't even like pansexuals or zoosexuals for that matter?

You might even dislike and discriminate aganst deluded pepole indentity proplem/self-image included but not limited to transgender/transexuals, but also various other mental disorder. 

Pepole into some seriously bizzare fetish such as scat, beastiality etc?

I have no problem seeing you around, as you might have read upon those things and come to your own logical conclusion. Feel free to watch me or talk to me for that matter I wouldn't mind getting to know more how you are thinking. 

If you like vore then your are completly sane specially if you can reconize a fantasy from reality.  Feel free to judge other people of the bizzare/disgusting thing they are into all you like. 

But in all honesty many of these topics are not based on solid logic, but on the exact same unsound and unlogical arguments as religion the exact same arguments religion use to comdenm them. But have never wondered why so many pastors etc are/were caught up in pedophila? Thats because they are full of shit aka hypocrites. If you condemn homosexuality and your condemn homosexualityes based on religion you are hypocrite and I would have no problem calling you out on that but if you dislike homosexuals based on your own observation and conclusion I don't see much problem with your line of thinking. 

But with that said its important to rember there is no I in team but there is I in independence, individuality and integrity.  Thus its most important thing I want you to is to come to your own conclusion based on your individuality, indpendance and integrity. 

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Geoff the lion walks through the heart of the African jungle. For the last few hours the young feline had been hunting for his pride. Yet he didn’t have any luck so fair. Maybe he was doing something wrong as he wasn’t experienced at hunting so mistakes were bound to happen. Although the elders had praised him as he got more experienced. Yet he felt that he was doing the same mistake he was doing few years ago.
Geoff’s nineteen years of age. He stands around ten feet tall he´s not very muscular, but he’s one of the fastest around his age. Despite being smart, he felt he was less effective on his one than with other Lions. This was something he did like to change before his 20th birthday.
While he was preparing for his hunt, he remembers that couple of lions telling him with enthusiasm of giraffe that was known to make predators disappear. They mentioned that he rarely goes looking for him, they bumped into him. They said he was worth bumping into if the hunt wasn’t going to well. Geoff was unsure if their intention were to encore him, mock him or scare him. He was getting tired and had blocked the rest of their conversation from his mind. He couldn’t recall what else they had to say about Giraffe.
In his mind these odd stories were probably a myth, although deep down he did love them to be truth, as he recalled more what the other lions had told him. If those stories were false however he would probably kill the giraffe. In a sense he was forming plan how to attack the giraffe, given they were not the fastest runners. So he didn’t expect the giraffe to get away from him, since he was good runner and would probably easily hunt the giraffe down.
At the end of the day when Geoff is figuring out whether to continue hunting or go back to the pride. Given the fact that he hadn’t catch anything yet, and the sunset has arrived. IT would be for the first time in over year or so he wouldn’t return home with anything. Yet he decided it was best to go home. Because of the darker skyline he didn’t seems notice where he was running. He didn’t double check. He had been running for some time when he ran into something hard. It wasn’t a rock however, when he recovered from the knock, he realized it was leg, a very muscular leg. To better visualize whom it belong to he takes few step backwards. When finally lies his eyes up on the creature he gasp in surprised when his eyes fall between creature’s legs.
It doesn’t take long for him to realize that those legs and genitals belongs to a giraffe. Few more minutes pass before he recognize the giraffe it’s the one form the weird stories the pride has been telling him about. At this recognition he feels how he becomes more nervous as his heart beat increase and more sweet comes through his fur. Those that have seen the Giraffe’s cock say it sight that something to behold. Yet it’s not the only impressive thing about the giraffe. He can already imagine how those other lions disappeared. Yet it seemed farfetched but the credibility of those stories was sky rocketing at the minute.
He was brought back from his own thoughts when he heard a voice spoke to him. “So you like what you see Lion?” said the giraffe.  Geoff gulps nervously before he tried to response. “D..D..don’t know if I.. I.. I..”
“Nervous? That’s okay, you are not the first one and not the last one either. Most are when they see me for the first time. “says the giraffe,
“I…I… I have heard…” Geoff says as his heart beat increase further as he tries to continue.
…that you like to eat lions…I and I..I.. have the feeling that… you…you.. can… fit me i…i…inside y…your b…b…belly..”
When his own words eco inside his own ears, I cannot believe what he has just said. He’s too transfixed upon what he had just said to the giraffe to notice his footing so he trips over a small rock.
“In that case Lion allow me to give you a lick then,” says the giraffe. The Giraffe licks his lips as he reaches down for the lion and gives him a wet lick across his face and around and through his thick mane.
After recovering from the fall, he looks up on the giraffe. He’s less nervous than before but his nervousness increase again upon hearing giraffe’s word. He’s unable to work out giraffe’s intentions. When he suddenly feels something wet and thick against his fur, it feels weird at first.
“You like that lion,” said the giraffes as he starts to lick against lions fur and mane.
Meanwhile Geoff’s back on his feet. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that the giraffe’s licking him as the onslaught continues he starts to get used to feeling of it pressing against his fur. When the tongue is withdrawn he stare mesmerized as it disappear back into giraffe’s maw. When it stops he’s little bit sad.
These are the exact reactions the giraffe was seeking from the lion, thus he taunt him “You want more of the same, Lion?” he say as he grins sexually at the lion. Whom can only nod in in an agreement.
With that the lion push his large tongue back out of his mouth and gives he lion more through Lion’s face and gives him more through licking this time around. Not only around his mane or his face, but also over his back, stomach, front legs, hind legs and private parts. If Geoff had felt good while the giraffe licked through his mane this was whole another ball game. He feels how the giraffe glide his large tongue all over him and he cannot help but wonder if the other lions experienced the same rough treatment. He’s force to close his eyes when the giraffe licks over his face for the final time, when he is done the Lion is covered all over his body in thick warm giraffe saliva.
The giraffe figures it’s time to give the Lion preview of where he’s heading.
Geoff watch as giraffe, parts his lips slowly in front of him and opens his mouth wide. As Geoff stares into giraffe’s maw, he cannot help but notice its rather invading. It has perfect set of flat round teeth, and thick layers of saliva dripping from the light pink roof of mouth, and long warm purple tongue rolling out like carpet welcoming him inside. As Geoff continue to stars into giraffe’s mouth, giraffe’s warm breath creeps over him. The heavy musk fills his nostrils it smell of flowers and Lion no actually several lions, indicating past meals. Geoff could swore he recognized some of the lion’s smells.
With that the giraffes tongue push to life, as it comes out of its mouth and licks over his face and down his chin and then the giraffe uses his tongue to drag the lion towards his mouth but he also grasp the lion by the neck.
Geoff stares wide eyed as he his dragged toward the gapping maw and it doesn’t take long until he sees his entry snout inside the giraffe’s greedy maw. It does look weird to see your own snout inside a giraffe’s mouth, yet it doesn’t feel unnatural. With that the giraffe opens its mouth and Geoff feels how his entry head plunges into its warm moist maw. He gasp for air as his nose is glogged with heavy aroma scent of giraffe’s breath. Geoff is amazed how easily the giraffe can fit his entry head inside its mouth. Quickly enough the giraffe takes his shoulders into its maw, and starts glide his “upper body” inside his maw. IN the progress his front legs get pressed against his side. Despite being full grown lion he cannot help but notice how effortless it’s for the giraffe. Feels how the giraffe use its tongue to press him against roof of its own maw. Then the giraffe relax and swallows, sending his head and shoulder into its throat as well as sliding its large tongue further under the lion’s chest guide it into his greedy maw.
Giraffe’s throat muscles are rhythm and the large tongue that is dragging him inside, are touching all the correct buttons thus he he’s slowly but surely he’s slowly getting more turned on by passing minute, mixed with some fear and nervousness about what’s happening to him. Lion’s cock springs to life as starts to become erect, with some skilled licks from the giraffe Geoff’s cock becomes fully erect. When the giraffe notice that the lion’s cock is fully erect he start to lick against it, in about 25 minutes the lion climax as it cannot with hold the onslaught any longer. The giraffe ensure that not a single droop of lions gum goes waste, given how much he likes taste of the lions, their gum ad to the flavor. Meanwhile Geoff has the climax of the life time and he squirts gallons of gum inside giraffe’s greedy maw and his fur and mane get mixed in giraffe saliva and his own gum.
As Geoff recovers from the climax he’s conflicted whether or not he should feel amazed or humiliated on what has just happening. When he recovers further he comes to the logical conclusion that this has been best sexual encounter he has had in his entry life. With that he wishes he had listened to other lions in his pride, and hunted down the giraffe sooner only to become the hunted and rightly so.  

After the climax the giraffe notice that the lion’s not squirming nearly as much inside his maw thus he swallow again, Taking more of Lion’s “upper body into his throat as well as guiding his dick into its maw and then sealing his lips around lions waist. While only having lions hind legs and tall sticking out of its greedy maw.
At this point Geoff knows there’s no escaping, but why would he want get away anyway? Given what he has experienced so far. Now he knows why no Lions are unwilling or able to get way from the giraffe. Its large hypnotize them when he licks them very skillfully. While giraffe’s genitals catch their initial attention. The tales of an entire prides disappearing during the nights are truth. Yet he cannot help but wonder how many predators the giraffe has actually swallowed and how many he could swallow at once and how many he can keep inside his belly all at once. Then he starts to wonder what happens to them and more importantly what’s now going to happen to him. It might even be the end of him, as he doubts the giraffe will let him back out as he couldn’t recall properly what happened to the lions once they were inside  the belly of the herbivore beast.
While Geoff was caught up in his own thought the giraffe slurped up his hind legs like noodles, and then the rest of his tall sealing the great cat of from the outside world.
Geoff came back from his own world when he felt warmth against his hind legs and figured that his entry body was now inside the giraffe either in its throat or in its maw. It would only be matter of time when the giraffe would take the final few swallows and send him sliding down his long throat and into his belly.
The Giraffes, pleased when the rest of the lion glides into his maw, as it’s always nice to be able to taste and savoir another lion alongside those he has swallowed already once or several times. He takes the final swallow and feels how the mouth is cleared and lower part of the lion glides over his tongue and down the hatch. He can see the lion’s shape through his neck, as it’s mirrored in the river. He feels the lion slowly slide down his neck and into his belly. He can taste G
Geoff feels how the giraffe takes the final swallow and he feels how his lower body leaves giraffe’s maw and his whole body slide down giraffe’s throat, Since there is no resistance any longer, head first into the belly. He yells as he splash into stomach acid. Strangely enough acid doesn’t tear against his body as he shakes some of hit out of his mane, along with some of his own gum. Despite the heavy musk inside he notice that he quickly becomes accommodated at breathing inside giraffe’s belly. He also notice how quickly his eyes becomes adjust to the darkness, He looks around and sees actually how much space is in there. There’s room for lions to actually be on their knees or in a sitting position. Yet there is enough room to stretch. When’s vision adjust further he notice that there are few lions already there, all familiar faces. They doesn’t seems to be in any panic over what’s happening to them and it doesn’t look like they are planning on clawing their way back out. Given what he has gone through he cannot help but feel that he has few questions to ask them based on what they had told him earlier. When they notice him they start conversation with him about the whole ordinal.

Feeling the lions squirm inside him always feels good. Thus he head off from the river bank towards the lake. As its unwise to take bath in a river on full belly, the lake was more logical choose.  His belly swings back and forth as he walks. He chuckles as he ponders what the lions are talking about inside him. Of course he’ll  let all of the great cats back out, since they will want go back to their pride, telling their stories to other lions and spark there curiosity of going form the hunter to the hunted.
Lion's hunt?
Giraffe/Lion M/M feral Oral vore story. 

This unusual work of fiction from me, as I generally write human F/F vore, but I have always had an weak spot for herbivore preds, thus I finally decided to try my hands on writing a such story. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. :)


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